Rio Baker Area/Chile


The Rio Baker is a huge river that supports an incredible population of rainbow trout that average 16-17 inches with many in the 19-21 inch range. Mostly they are not difficult to catch and can be seen feeding on dries and caddis pupa in huge back eddies. Some of the larger fish provide challenging dry fly fishing in quiet waters near shore. There are also large gravel bars with productive down stream riffles where a good nymph fisherman can have a field day. The lodge in this area is gorgeous and sits on one of the largest lakes in South America. The fishing in front of the lodge is excellent and there are both trophy browns and rainbows to be caught in a large channel that runs for a short distance between two lakes. In addition to the Rio Baker, and the fishing in front of the lodge, there is a technical river that fishes much like a spring creek where sight fishing is the name of the game. The fishing can be tough here but the rewards are great and it supports an excellent population of huge browns and rainbows that range in size from 4-10 pounds. Keep in mind it is very possible to combine fishing in this area with the Coyhaique area by means of a 4 hour drive.



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