Why book with us?


  1. There is no charge for our services and, in some cases, we know about special offers not available to the public.
  2. Every lodge or outfitter will tell you "we are the best". Angling in the Andes will give you an unbiased opinion and detailed information about each one so that you can choose the best one for you, given your particular angling interests, time of year, size of group, and budget.  Some operations are have great marketing and wonderful websites but we know the difference!
  3. We only book trips to Patagonia and know it better than other agents because we fish there extensively every year. We will tell you about ALL aspects of the trip, including the good stuff and the not so good stuff.  We will inform you if the lodge recently lost their best guide, if there are long drives to/from the rivers everyday, biting insects (there are few) or if the lodge boats need upgrading. In short, the things most agents and lodges would never tell a prospective client.


You will forge great relationships with the guides in Patagonia 


Experience, personable approach, and above all, honest no BS information


Our Experience: 


Because Rob has fished at each location, some of them multiple times since 1998, he has come to find the best combination of fishing and lodging available. He has personally chosen lodges and outfitters that he feels provide the best value for traveling anglers. As a guide for over 20 years, Rob understands what makes an outfitter or guide "the real deal" versus those with little experience. He also knows that it is a bad idea to "dress up" any one of these locations, and that it is better to give you accurate information so that the expectation level is set correctly and that there are no surprises.




Personal / Focused Approach:


As we discuss your trip to South America Rob will get to know you and your angling preferences and will try to understand what you are looking for out of your fly fishing vacation. Because he knows each location well, he can explain to you in detail the pros and cons of each. Yes...the cons! Some are easier to get to than others, some have bigger fish, some have more diversity, and some better for dry fly fishing. Where you decide to go will depend on your personal angling interests and your skill level. A lodge owner or outfitter will try to sell you on their particular area but the fact remains that each one has special qualities, points of interest, weather patterns, methods of fishing, and different levels of accommodation. In addition, we feel that we have an excellent sampling of the best areas in South America, not just one or two locations like other booking agents. We are focused and knowledgeable on each area we offer, not like some of the larger agents that book trips all over the world. One of the best things Rob can do as your agent is to help you set a realistic expectation level. Because Rob knows these areas intimately and fishes them on a consistent basis, he should be able to answer most of your questions.



Flexible Itineraries:


Once I understand your interests, I will help you develop a customized itinerary with a realistic expectation level. Hiring a guide for the duration of your stay is essential for a successful trip to Argentina or Chile. My job is to explain to you the options and put together a package that suits your needs and budget. I realize that you or your partner may not want to fish everyday, so activities such as horseback riding, hiking, touring a glacier or volcano, or shopping in town can be arranged.


Reasonable Rates:


 We provide discounted pricing for group travel. We specialize in working with fishing clubs, Trout Unlimited Chapters, guides and fly shop owners that would like to formulate their own group. A group, by the way, is small and 6 anglers is often the perfect size.  Lodges sometimes need to fill spots and will offer discounted pricing.  This is normally available only a month or two prior to the trip but simply ask us.  We will search out the best deal for you!


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